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Tusker dies in a fierce battle for supremacy

Tusker dies in a fierce battle for supremacy

Jan 11, 2017 08:47:10 PM (IST)

Madikeri: A tusker involved in a fierce fight with another tusker died after it lost the battle for supremacy in Woodland Estate near Vaddarahalli of Siddapur on January 11.
Tusker dies in a fierce battle for supremacy-1The grievously injured tusker found in a minor gorge with multiple injuries failed to recover in the morning despite attempts by the forest staff to rescue it. The fierce fight had taken place on the edge of a lake and the losing tusker had multiple injuries all over its body and was found with its tongue split apart. Presumably, the losing tusker was pushed into a small gorge by the rival in the end.

The injured tusker had cried in agony through the night and when the forest staff traced it in the morning, the tusker was on the verge of death. Forest staff poured water into its mouth but it failed to recover and eventually succumbed.

Postmortem of the dead tusker was carried out by veterinarian Dr. Umashankar. The tusks were taken into possession by the forest department officials.

Senior forest officials from the district were present at the spot.