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Forest dept all set to capture five more rogue tuskers in Kodagu

Forest dept all set to capture five more rogue tuskers in Kodagu

Dec 01, 2016 02:23:50 PM (IST)

Madikeri: The rogue elephants which have unleashed havoc in Kodagu are gradually being captured by the Forest department. This action has made the Kodavas heave a sigh of relief. The department has already captured five rogue elephants in the region and has decided to send proposal to government to capture another five.

Forest dept all set to capture five more rogue tuskers in Kodagu-1The five rogue pachyderms captured by the department were those, which had attacked plantation workers after camping in the nearby coffee plantations.

They have been sent to Dubare Elephant training camp. However, it is now noticed that when rogue elephants are captured, the rest in the pack which are still in the forest have been resorting to ransacking the human settlements, as if they are settling scores.

As of now, the department wants to capture another five elephants in the region and a proposal will be sent to the government soon.

Several elephants are seen camping in coffee plantations of Siddhapura, Chettalli, Palibetta and nearby areas. Petrified by the same, the daily wage coffee plantation workers have been refraining from venturing into the plantations for work. The next target of the department are these elephants.

Meanwhile, considering the burden on Dubare elephant training camp, there are plans of starting another training camp at Chiklihole. Presence of backwater and forest area makes it conducive to have the camp at Chiklihole. Further, since there is a need for accommodation for the forest officials, Mahouts, Kavadis, the department has proposed to utilise he Cauvery Niravari Nigama guest houses on temporary basis.

It may be recalled that as many as 12 persons were killed in wild elephant attack in Kodagu district in one year. Majority of the victims have been coffee plantation workers.