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Cyber crime cell will look into Madikeri CMC sleaze video episode: Prez

Cyber crime cell will look into Madikeri CMC sleaze video episode: Prez

CI   ¦    Jul 14, 2017 09:31:16 PM (IST)
Cyber crime cell will look into Madikeri CMC sleaze video episode: Prez

Madikeri: A complaint has been lodged with the cyber crime cell in connection with the allegations that a pornographic film was screened at the municipality digital display meant to provide information on government schemes and investigate the authenticity of the case, said Municipal President Kaveramma Somanna.

Speaking at a press conference in the municipal council, she said, "There is no authentic information available to me about the porn film having been shown on July 5. But K S Ramesh, the Standing Committee Chairperson who claimed to have substantial evidence went ahead to break the news to the media without consulting me. The subsequent baseless allegations have resulted in a personal distress.

The complaint has already been filed with the Deputy Commissioner and District Police superintendent regarding the case and investigations will be taken over by the cyber crime cell soon."

'Standing Committee member too is irresponsible'

Being the chairperson of the Municipal Standing Committee K S Ramesh, who made allegations against me is equally responsible for the unhealthy development considering the nature of allegations made, claimed Kaveramma Somanna.

The municipal digital screen management is managed by Sandhya. At noon, on July 5, Municipal Health Inspector Ramesh observed the screen beaming irrelevant information instead of projecting government plans. He immediately intervened and informed Sandhya to stop playing the video clip. Following this incident, Standing Committee president K S Ramesh told the media that it was a pornographic clip, Kaveramma explained.

Series of allegations have been levelled against me without consulting me in person, holding me responsible for the development. He has just accused me of poor administration with no control over governance and officials and those have caused me immense pain, lamented President Kaveramma.

What witness said?

On July 5, some other information screened was stopped and there was no pornographic content in it, claimed Health Inspector Ramesh, who was summoned at this stage during the meeting.

Congress members defends President

Speaking to the media, H M Nandakumar, Congress member in the municipal council said there were many concerted efforts to dislodge Sandhya from her position in the recent past by certain members and the fresh allegations made to achieve the goal.

Complaints against Standing Committee Chairperson K S Ramesh and member T S Prakash will be lodged for making baseless allegations and false propaganda, Nandakumar said.

Nandakumar accused some members of resorting to dirty tactics after losing foothold in CMC building contracts and added that the allegations against the CMC president that she had no control over the administration, were untenable.