Coorg Call Girl website: Five fraudsters nabbed in Kushalnagar

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Coorg Call Girl website: Five fraudsters nabbed in Kushalnagar

Coorg Call Girl website: Five fraudsters nabbed in Kushalnagar

Jun 22, 2016 11:17:36 AM (IST)

Madikeri: A notorious gang of five that has been trapping tourists and locals through a website named 'Coorg Call Girls’ has been nabbed by the District Crime Investigation Bureau sleuths, from Kushalnagar.
Coorg Call Girl website: Five fraudsters nabbed in Kushalnagar-1                                                     The gang of five which was arrested by the police

The arrested are Kushalnagar resident Venugopal (33), Hosakote residents S Sharath Kumar (21) and C S Jayachandran (29), Abdul Kareen from Sakleshpur (21) and M U Musthafa (35) from Gummanakolli.

SP Rajendra Prasad informed that the police tracked down the contact number published on the website and found that the numbers were procured by submitting false identification documents.

Meanwhile, the police learnt that a local resident had lost Rs 11,500 after falling trap to the hands behind the website. Since the victim was vary about coming out in open, the police had to convince him to file a complaint at jurisdictional Suntikoppa police station so that they could start laying trap for the men behind the site.

In the Suntikoppa case, the man had contacted the number and had demanded for a girl. The person on the other end of the line had promised to arrange the same and had hence asked him to come over to Madikeri. When the victim went to meet the website representative, three men took him to a secluded area. Petrified by the same, the man from Suntikoppa decided to back out, but the gang of three allowed him to go only after looting him off his belonging and Rs 11,500 in cash.

The SP said that the gang had no female members at all. They only trapped men making claims on the site with the sole intention of looting men who fell for the same.
He said that the gang could function swiftly because no man who fell in to their trap and lost money ever had the courage to reveal about the same due to the fear of being shamed.

The SP said that the department will next target the illegal homestays functioning in the district.