Cong is only worried about minority vote bank: JD(S)

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Cong is only worried about minority vote bank: JD(S)

Cong is only worried about minority vote bank: JD(S)

CI   ¦    Jan 13, 2020 09:21:50 PM (IST)

Cong is only worried about minority vote bank: JD(S)-1

Madikeri: Janata Dal (Secular) district minorities cell president Esaq Khan has condemned the statements of district Congress spokesperson T E Suresh against the JD(S) district president.

In a press note released on Monday, January 13, Esaq said, “Congress district spokesperson T E Suresh had made some damaging statements against the district JD(S) recently. Before passing statements against the JD(S), Congress should wonder, atleast for a moment, if they have any moral right to do so. The Congress party, which ruled for 70 years, is on the verge of extinction from the country.”

“Suresh must understand that it was his party which came to us to form a coalition government in the state when we had very few MLAs. Congress is only restricted to minority votes, as they have no leaders who have the capacity to attract votes from other communities. Theirs is only ‘vote bank politics’, as they only use the minorities for their votes and try to portray as if everything is done by them when somebody else organizes a programme. Their standards have gone so low and it shows that their leadership qualities have become very weak," he added.

Esaq further said, “K M Ganesh was appointed by the JD(S) leaders as the new district president of the party because he is eligible. Everyone in the party has accepted him as the new JD(S) district president. But, people in the Congress party themselves have a doubt of their party’s political future.”

Meanwhile, he criticized Suresh saying that it would be better for him to take care of his party’s district president.