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BJP's Hindutva is detached from humanity: Siddaramaiah

BJP's Hindutva is detached from humanity: Siddaramaiah

CI   ¦    Jan 10, 2018 10:38:24 AM (IST)

BJP\'s Hindutva is detached from humanity: Siddaramaiah-1
: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has come down heavily upon the religion-based politics of the BJP and said that the Hindutva followed by the BJP has detached itself from humanity.

“The Hindutva of the BJP has a demonic face to it and the leaders of this party have no moral right to even talk about Hinduism,” said the CM addressing the Congress partyworkers’ rally at General Thimmaiah stadium in Madikeri on Tuesday.

“Hindutva is not an ancestral property of any party. The Congress party believes in respecting all religions, castes and creed and also asserts on equality of all people. We believe in Hinduism which is based on humanity,” he said questioning the BJP to explain where are Muslim, Christians and Dalits leaders in their party, which has been shouting out slogans of ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas’.

He attacked the BJP saying that the BJP leaders are acting like ‘vultures’ waiting to play politics even over dead bodies.

Continuing his tirade, the CM said that it is rather ridiculous to see BJP National President call the Congress government at the state as ‘corrupt’ while former CM Yeddyurappa, who was sent to jail on charges of corruption is seated next to him.

“If people like Yeddyurappa come to power again, the entire state will be looted,” cautioned the CM adding that the Congress is bound to come to power at the state and Rahul Gandhi will become the Prime Minister of India.

Protesters arrested

Meanwhile, several pro- Hindutva outfit members staged a stir outside the guest house where CM Siddaramaiah was staying. They alleged that the CM was adopting anti-Hindu policies to appease the minorities. The protesters had reached the venue where the CM was accepting grievances from people. With black ribbons tied around their mouths, the activists expressed their anger. However, the police detained the protesters.