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Suvarna Tribhuja debris found deep sea near Ratnagiri?

Suvarna Tribhuja debris found deep sea near Ratnagiri?

Sc BH   ¦    Feb 08, 2019 11:30:32 AM (IST)


Suvarna Tribhuja debris found deep sea near Ratnagiri?-1

Karwar: Debris of a sunken boat has reportedly been found in deep-sea at Ratnagiri in Maharashtra and it is said that this can be the remains of the Suvarna Tribhuja boat that went missing from Malpe.

Some fishermen from Ankola, who had gone fishing found some debris floating when they ventured for fishing. They had clicked photos of the debris and this went viral with the claim that this could be parts of the boat that went missing 54 days ago.

The coast guards have plunged into action after gathering details from the fishermen who clicked pictures of the debris.

Meanwhile, Purse Seine Boat Association President Ravi has said that the debris found in the sea is of another boat as Suvarna Tribhuja's body was made of different material.

The boat had gone missing on December 13 with five fishermen from Uttara Kannada and two fishermen from Udupi on board.

Recently a tub used by fishermen to load fish in the boat was found near Malwan in Maharashtra. Rumours were then rife that the tub belongs to Suvarna Tribhuja. There has been no update on the same so far.