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Chikmagalur tensed as Dattamaladaris hoist 'bhagwadwaja' atop Bababudangiri

Chikmagalur tensed as Dattamaladaris hoist 'bhagwadwaja' atop Bababudangiri

Sc BH   ¦    Dec 03, 2017 07:18:02 PM (IST)

Chikmagalur tensed as Dattamaladaris hoist \'bhagwadwaja\' atop Bababudangiri-1Chikkamagaluru: In what may prove out to be a move fuelling possible tension in the already tense Bababudangiri-Dattapeeth issue that has left the Hindus and the Muslims at loggerheads, on Sunday group of Dattamaladharis ended up hoisting the 'Bhagwadwaja' atop the hill.

Thousands of Dattamaladharis thronged the disputed hill shrine on Sunday to take part in rituals connected to Datta Jayanthi. As part of Datta Paduke Darshan ritual, the devotees shouted out slogans in praise of Lord Rama and hoisted the flag on tombs on the hill.

However, though several statements and reports are claiming that the tombs were destroyed at the spot, it is far from truth, say sources.

Situation had turned tense and miscreants pelted stones at private buses at Uppalli exension. Two youth plying on bike were assaulted by the miscreants. Police have stepped up security and a sense of undeclared bundh exists in the city.

Meanwhile, former MLA C T Ravi has indirectly justified the act of the saffron groups. He has said that the tombs on the hill are fake and so many Muslims never lived in the region.

IGP (western range) Hemanth Nimbalkar and SP Annamalai are at the spot.