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After labourer dies, relatives protest alleging medical negligence

After labourer dies, relatives protest alleging medical negligence

G R   ¦    Oct 12, 2017 05:39:58 PM (IST)
After labourer dies, relatives protest alleging medical negligence

Chikkamagaluru: The relatives of a deceased labourer protested by keeping the corpse in front of a private clinic in Bankal accusing it of medical negligence on October 12.

They squarely blamed the clinic in-charge Channappa of mishandling the case which worsened the health condition of labourer Vijay. When Vijay’s condition deteriorated, he was rushed to Mangaluru on the advice of the government doctors in Mudigere but unfortunately he died en route, they claimed.

Channappa, employed as a compounder at a nearby government hospital runs a private clinic at Bankal, it is gathered. When an ailing Vijay went to get treated on October 8, Channappa injected him thrice and gave few tablets due to which his conditioned worsened, they alleged.

Demanding justice, the relatives kept the body of the deceased Vijay in front of the clinic and protested. When none responded for over an hour, they vandalised the clinic and the adjacent medical store. When crowds started swelling, policemen from Bankal, Balur, Mudigere and Gonibeedu were summoned to quell the protesting mob. Policemen struggled to control the irate mob when it resorted to stone pelting.

DySP Sheikh Hussain rushed to the spot to pacify the protestors but his efforts too went in vain as they demanded the presence of District Health Officer to address their grievance. Local MLA B B Ningaiah too rushed to the spot and joined DySP Sheikh Hussain in pacifying the angry protestors, who agreed to finally withdraw.
Later the body of deceased Vijay was sent to mortuary at Mudigere for conducting post-mortem.