Next hearing for Kathua rape case on April 28

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Next hearing for Kathua rape case on April 28

Next hearing for Kathua rape case on April 28

SC AN   ¦    Apr 16, 2018 01:58:09 PM (IST)

Next hearing for Kathua rape case on April 28-1

New Delhi: The next hearing on the Kathua rape and murder case, will be on April 28. Eight people have been accused for allegedly holding an 8-year-old captive in a small village temple, sedating her, sexually assaulting her and then bludgeoning her to death. The crime was perpetrated in the Kathua district of Jammu, in January this year.

The counsel of the accused have said that the accused are ready to take narco tests.

One of the accused is a juvenile and, according to the law of the land, he has a separate charge sheet and his trial will be held separately. His trial will be held by the chief judicial magistrate of Kathua.

The trail of the other seven accused, including four police officers and a retired government official, will be held in the sessions court.

The Supreme Court will, at 2 pm today, hear the victim's father's plea to transfer the trial to Chandigarh.

Although the proceedings of the case is expected to move along smoothly after the Jammu Bar Association and the Kathua Bar received a rap on he knuckles from the Supreme Court, there are still some challenges to be faced.

The lawyer of the victim's family, Deepika Singh Rajawat has said that she fears for her safety saying that she feels that she might get raped or murdered. She also claims to have been called 'anti-Hindu'.