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Mirror Now's Faye D'Souza gets RedInk award for 'Journalist of the Year'

Mirror Now's Faye D'Souza gets RedInk award for 'Journalist of the Year'

SC AN   ¦    May 16, 2018 05:53:48 PM (IST)

Mirror Now\'s Faye D\'Souza gets RedInk award for \'Journalist of the Year\'-1

Mumbai: Executive Editor of the Mirror Now news channel and Mangalurean, Faye D'Souza was just awarded the RedInk Award for "Journalist of the Year." The young and increasingly popular journalist was deemed worthy of the award for taking on hard hitting topics and issues that touch the lives of the ordinary citizens.

People usually tune in to watch the fiery and passionate young journalist take on subjects like corruption, political opportunism, price rise and communalism-topics that are not often touched or even avoided by other bigwigs in the industry.

Her segment on Mirror Now titled "The Urban Debate" is a favourite among the channels viewers. She is even active on social media where she uploads video of herself, talking about eye opening issues. One of her videos having to do with the child-lock facility in cars, went viral on social media.

The "Journalist of the Year" Award for D’Souza was given to her by the managing committee of the Mumbai Press Club, said a statement issued by the club.

Veteran journalist William Mark Tully of the BBC, was the recipient of The RedInk Award for Lifetime Achievement in Journalism for 2018, for his contribution to Indian journalism.

Not including these two awards, the RedInk Awards for Excellence in Journalism have 13 competitive categories where awards are given to 32 journalists.

The awards are to be presented to the winners on May 18 at the Jamshed Bhaba Hall, NCPA, in Mumbai, where Maharashtra's Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis will be the chief guest.