IAF sets up nine quarantine facilities for Covid-19 cases

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IAF sets up nine quarantine facilities for Covid-19 cases

IAF sets up nine quarantine facilities for Covid-19 cases

IANS   ¦    Mar 26, 2020 08:47:58 PM (IST)

IAF sets up nine quarantine facilities for Covid-19 cases-1New Delhi: The Indian Air Force (IAF) on Thursday said it has set up nine quarantine facilities, of 200-300 people capacity each, across the country, to deal with daily increasing cases of deadly COVID-19.

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 have rose to 649, according to the Minisry of Health on Thursday morning. This includes 42 discharged and 13 dead.

The IAF Command Hospital in Bengaluru has been designated as the first laboratory in the IAF to undertake COVID-19 testing which will greatly enhance the region's ability to carry out quick testing of suspected cases and allow prompt and timely intervention where required.

To monitor the prevailing situation and provide immediate response and assistance as required, a 24x7 crisis management cell has been set up at Air Headquarters and various Command Headquarters.

"IAF aircraft are continuing to fly in medical supplies and doctors to Leh and fly out blood samples for COVID testing to Chandigarh and Delhi," the IAF said.

All measures and directives issued by the government towards containing the spread of Covid-19 has been strictly enforced across all IAF stations.

Earlier, the Indian Air Force had set up a quarantine facility, with all required facilities for rest and recuperation, at Hindan for pilgrims brought back from Iran.

There, it had ensured administrative arrangements like perimeter security, food and water supply, bed and linen, laundry, housekeeping, entertainment, sewage disposal and transportation.

It has also organis medical support like daily examination, lab testing, advice on disinfection and bio-medical waste management, public health measures, management of symptomatic patients, surveillance, creation and referral to isolation wards at nearest hospital.