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Tribute Guidelines

The purposes of a tribute are; acknowledging the passing of one of us, celebrating the gifts that the person’s life brought to us, sharing parts of a life that we may not all be aware of, and expressing the grief of our loss.

Please follow these guidelines while uploading your tribute:

1. Announcement of Death: Name, age, Date of Death and place of residence at the time of demise.
2.Contents: Family & Biographical Sketch
i. Family: List surviving and preceded relatives with their first name, spouse’s first name in parenthesis, then surname. Parents, Spouses, Children their Spouses and their children - in that order.
ii. Chronology: Dates of Birth, and Milestones - the most important universal milestones are: marriage, education, work, and service to society.
iii. Biographical Sketch: Sketch (Short and Sweet) is the key word here. An obituary is not a biography, but a recounting of the most important events, qualities, contributions and connections in a person’s life with meaningful examples. A common utterance or specific example can illustrate and bring life to an obituary whether it is a quirky habit, a favorite recipe or a touching expression of love.
iv. Cause of Death: If you are uncomfortable sharing the cause of death, you are under no obligation to list it in the tribute.
3. Funeral / Visitation / Other Service Details: Date, time, and place of funeral / Visitation / other service.
4. Special Messages: At the end of a tribute, a special message is sometimes found, such as ‘in lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to..’ or ‘Special Thanks to the staff at General Hospital for..’ or ‘We will always carry your memory in our hearts’. Sometimes a short prayer or a line from a poem is placed at the end. These messages are optional

Note: Premium vs Regular Tributes:
Premium: Rs: 200; Photo will appear on the home page for 24 hours commencing on the date and time specified by you with a link to the Photo and content on the tribute page, which will be permanent.
Regular: Rs: 100; Photo and content on the tribute page, which will be permanent.