The Fun & Joy of playing online puzzle games

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The Fun & Joy of playing online puzzle games

The Fun & Joy of playing online puzzle games

SC PP   ¦    Jan 16, 2020 09:41:24 AM (IST)

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Puzzle games (especially the ones we play online, in the browser) are great! They’re easy to access, don’t require to be installed, and are tons of fun. Even more, you can play them when you’re on a break, when you need a distraction or on the bus, going home.

But why do we love playing puzzle games so much? After all, there are other game genres out there, but given the choice, most of us would lean towards a puzzle.

As it turns out, several scientists found themselves puzzled by the same question. As such, there have been lots of studies that tried to understand our love for logic games, riddles, puzzles, crosswords, and more. The results go back to the Stone Age when humans had to use their brains to solve tough problems like making a fire or inventing the wheel.

As such, the joy we feel when that ‘Aha!’ moment strikes transcends culture, age, and any other differences that usually keep us divided. We all love solving puzzles because it’s something we inherited from our long-forgotten ancestors!

Moreover, it was proven that puzzle games can make us better thinkers, with a broader perspective on problem-solving. For instance, the riddle “What is yours but others use it more than you do?” forces you to think outside the box. The answer is “your name” because it is clearly used by the others more than by yourself, but it’s not the first thing to come to mind when you’re searching for it.

Similarly, online puzzle games like Impossible Quiz put you in the position of finding different paths to the answer or solution. As such, you create new neural paths that open your view of the world.

Now, another question comes to mind: does everyone like all types of puzzles and logic games? It turns out that people can have preferences towards different activities that challenge their gray matter. Some of us prefer math-oriented puzzles like Sudoku or Threes, some would rather explore a visual puzzle, like hidden object games, while others enjoy the more traditional approach.

If you’re in the latter category, you should play 10x10 on CrazyGames. This is a remake of the classic Tetris game, with a 10x10 field size and blocks of different sizes and shapes. In fact, Tetris is one of the most popular and copied puzzle games in the world. It was an inspiration for a wide segment of generations and it continues to attract even in today’s day and age when the offer for video games is extremely rich and varied.

Are Puzzle Games making us smarter?
Well, the research doesn’t state this clearly, but there are plenty of benefits to playing puzzle games. Of course, this doesn’t mean that other genres should be ignored! Most video games have a positive effect on the brain and spatial abilities, as long as we play them in moderation.

Games like Candy Crush, Word with Friends, or Gardenscapes are designed to play into that dopamine-fueled moment we all crave. On the other hand, most online puzzle games have a multiplayer mode which lets players test their mental skills against their friends. Other games also offer a collaborative mode, where players unite their forces to solve problems and bond.

Overall, puzzle games are quite interesting and manage to create a diverse world of challenges that keep the brain active. Still, players must be careful, as there is an addiction factor to consider.

The simple structure of puzzles is cleverly combined with the increasing challenge of levels and rewards that create the perfect environment for game addiction. So, in a quest to sharpen your mind, you can end up caught in a vicious circle if you’re not paying attention.