"Collectabillia Celebrity Wall" to exhibit sports memorabilia

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"Collectabillia Celebrity Wall" to exhibit sports memorabilia

"Collectabillia Celebrity Wall" to exhibit sports memorabilia

Sandhya   ¦    Nov 28, 2013 12:53:00 PM (IST)

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Mumbai: India's first celebrity commerce company named "Collectabillia Celebrity Wall" was launched at The Lounge in Juhu under the collaboration Cafe Coffee Day's premium format on Wednesday November 27.

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Sachin Tendulkar launched the first outlet of Collectabillia and said, “The encouragement of the fan is very important for any growing talent. Fans are always ready to offer their support, even from the farthest location, with their cheers and wishes. I am happy that Collectabilia.com serves as an exciting platform to help the fan get closer, feel connected and own the moment."

The partnership allows sports fans to get close to their favourite icons at lounges across India. The partnership is called "Collectabillia Celebrity Walls" and it will retail authentic and autographed collectables from sporting history and icons. The displays will feature some rare authentic memorabilia autographed by legends from sports, history and entertainment, as well as other mass merchandise that will attract fans all over the country.

"Collectabillia Celebrity Walls" will exhibit unique sports memorabilia such as the recently launched Sachin Tendulkar 200th Test Commemorative Autographed Bat. It will also include Boxing Gloves signed by the legendary Muhammad Ali and other autographed merchandise.

It will be for the first time in India that such items will be available for public viewing at such close proximity. These products are pieces of history and thus are highly unique and special. Apart from the rare pieces of memorabilia, the displays will also house autographed photographs, caps and shoes to cater to the mass.

Anjana Reddy, MD Universal Sportsbiz Pvt Ltd said, "Collectabillia was conceptualized to connect legends to their fans. Our initiative is an attempt to make this connection stronger by making memorabilia even more accessible than before. We hope that these displays will encourage every fan to own a piece of history."