Pooja Gandhi's Samharini is ready for release

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Pooja Gandhi's Samharini is ready for release

Pooja Gandhi's Samharini is ready for release

Bhavana S   ¦    Feb 22, 2021 07:23:46 AM (IST)

Pooja Gandhi\'s Samharini is ready for release-1

Pooja Gandhi who almost disappeared from Sandalwood for last one year is back. Her latest movie is Samharini which is ready for release in the month of April.

K Jawahar directed this movie while Vinod is the film producer. Vinod has produced several movies in Tamil Nadu. Kishore and Rahuld Dev also acted in this movie. It is a crime thriller. Highlight of this movie is the boxing show by Pooja Gandhi.

Pooja Gandhi explained that she was waiting for a good story for the last few years. "This is a crime thriller with a touch of emotions," she explained.

The film team wanted to release the movie by February. However due to the Covid 19 related restrictions it was postponed to April now.

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