'Pailwaan' piracy row heats up as Sudeep, Darshan exchange tweets

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'Pailwaan' piracy row heats up as Sudeep, Darshan exchange tweets

'Pailwaan' piracy row heats up as Sudeep, Darshan exchange tweets

SC L S   ¦    Sep 17, 2019 04:57:34 PM (IST)

\'Pailwaan\' piracy row heats up as Sudeep, Darshan exchange tweets-1

The cold war between Sandalwood actors ‘Challenging Star’ Darshan, Kiccha Sudeep and their respective fans on the "Pailwaan" piracy row doesn’t seem to be nearing an end as Darshan recently took to Twitter to attack Sudeep and his fans.

Defending his fans against the piracy accusations, Darshan tweeted, “I’m not in Bengaluru now as I’m busy shooting for a movie. For now, however, I just want to tell a few people out there to kindly stay away and not provoke my fans and the celebrities who have fed me.”

As a counter to this, Sudeep tweeted, “Warning isn’t what I take nor choose to give. If words could win battles, there would be many kings n rulers today. I choose to go the human way. (sic)” He also included a link to a letter he wrote for his "friends".

Both the tweets have gone viral.

Through the letter, it seems like Sudeep is indirectly taunting Darshan and his fans.

He begins the letter by saying “Hello my frnzz…. I request u all to concentrate on ur lives n on good things rather than react to avoidable situations. It’s best to throw a blind eye n a deaf ear towards certain voices. Truth will always prevail. So let go. Noone becomes lesser to anyone by doin so. (sic)”

Further he writes, “Heroic borrowed line n giving warnings is not my cup of tea… nor has it been my personality anytime. Afterall,where has words taken anyone anywhere. (sic)”

He concludes the letter with a message to Darshan, his fans and the other readers writing, “Alexander, who conquered the world too went empty handed. All tat we can take with us are good moments and all that we can leave behind are memories. Memories that have kept everyone… alive. (sic)”

It can be recalled that the ‘Pailwaan’ piracy row erupted on Twitter just two days ago after Sudeep's fans accused Darshan's fans of pirating the film, causing it to lose sales at the box office. Darshan’s fans, through the Twitter handle “DBoss Hudugaru Official”, lashed out at Sudeep and his followers for the allegations.