Darshan's fans deny involvement in 'Pailwaan' piracy row

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Darshan's fans deny involvement in 'Pailwaan' piracy row

Darshan's fans deny involvement in 'Pailwaan' piracy row

SC L S   ¦    Sep 16, 2019 06:31:37 PM (IST)

Darshan\'s fans deny involvement in \'Pailwaan\' piracy row-1

Kiccha Sudeep’s much awaited movie, ‘Pailwaan’ was released recently and has taken the box office by storm within the first three days, according to sources in the Sandalwood industry. The movie has reportedly already broken the records set by Yash-starrer “KGF”. Now, a piracy controversy has sprung up to dampen the good vibes.

The movie production team is also putting in all efforts to block all possible ways in which the movie can be pirated. They have decided to work with a technical team to go the extra mile in restricting the piracy of the movie.

Meanwhile, a new controversy involving the fans of Kiccha Sudeep and "Challenging Star" Darshan has errupted as the latter are being blamed for the piracy.

The "Pailwaan" film team has, however, not made any comments on the matter.

Reacting to the allegations, Darshan's fans, via the Twitter handle "DBoss Hudugaru Official" tweeted, “Just because one cannot stand the other, one must not reach conclusions blindly and blame someone who is connected to a particular person. The real culprit must be revealed. When it comes to fandom, we are more than loyal #proudtosayDBOSSdevotee”

In another tweet they wrote, “When Darshan’s movies like ‘Yajamana’ and ‘Kurukshethra’ were pirated, no one spoke at that time. But now 'Tamil Rockers' has pirated the movie. To all those who are blaming us, we wish them well. Sandalwood Celebrities Vs Darshan Celebrities.”

Addressing former president of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC), Darshan's fans tweeted, “As more number of Kannada movies are getting pirated due to an application called Telegram, we request Sa Ra Govindu to ban this app and help the Kannada language grow and flourish.”