Kavitha Reddy apologizes to actress Samyuktha Hegde

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Kavitha Reddy apologizes to actress Samyuktha Hegde

Kavitha Reddy apologizes to actress Samyuktha Hegde

Srinivasa Pejathaya   ¦    Sep 07, 2020 12:16:41 AM (IST)

Kavitha Reddy apologizes to actress Samyuktha Hegde-1

Bangalore: Congres spokesperson Kavitha Reddy rendered apologies to actress Samyuktha Hegde in connection with the park incident that happened on Friday evening.

“I have always opposed Moral Policing. I realize that my actions were construed as such. An argument ended up in me reacting aggressively as well, it was a mistake. As a responsible citizen n progressive woman, I own up to n sincerely apologize to Samyuktha Hegde and her Friends, ” mentioned Kavitha Reddy in the video on social media.

Kavitha Reddy also shared the apology letter on social media mentioning Samyuktha and her friends practicing at a safer place and no such incident should happen to any woman. She also mentioned in the letter that she is against moral policing.

Samyukatha Hegde practicing Hula Hoop on Friday evening at Agara Lake along with her friends. Kavitha Reddy kept up with Samyukta even though Samyukta and her friends were working on maintaining social distance. Samyuktha was also threatened with a fit in a drug case. Kavitha Reddy was even beat up Samyuktha's friends.

Shobha Karandlaje, Jaggesh, Hita Chandrasekhar, Meghna, Santosh Anandaram, Simple Suni and many others expressed their displeasure over Kavitha Reddy's move and opposed it.

 Have issued a letter as agreed with @SamyukthaHegde , I hope that we can put this incident behind us and work towards a safer and better future for women. pic.twitter.com/RQ8v0uvqZY