Namma Mysore Foundation: Poor man's samaritan among pandemic

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Namma Mysore Foundation: Poor man's samaritan among pandemic

Namma Mysore Foundation: Poor man's samaritan among pandemic

SC PV Kamat   ¦    Jun 09, 2021 06:06:29 PM (IST)

Namma Mysore Foundation: Poor man\'s samaritan among pandemic-1

Many sections of society have been rendered helpless as a result of Covid, resulting in food scarcity. Realising the food requirement, the Namma Mysore Foundation (R), an independent campaigning organisation started a noble initiative amid pandemic.

Namma Mysore Foundation (R) is founded by Pavithra C R and managed by Dasharath K, the NGO comprises highly qualified professionals and people from various walks of life, who have joined the mission of putting Mysuru on the global map using technology, innovation, and solutions essential to a clean, green and peaceful future.

Amid the Covid pandemic, the NMF extended its helping hand to aid the poor sections of society. Speaking to News Karnataka Dasharath K, chairman of NMF said that "NMF is striving to make sure nobody goes to sleep- hungry during a pandemic so we distribute necessaries for poor people. We every day go to different areas and provide vegetables free of cost. We buy 25 tonnes of vegetables daily to distribute among the needy so that they can have nutritious food and boost their immunity. It will be of big help to the local farmers from whom we would be buying the necessities,” he added.

"Our organisation has been working on since the end of April this year to provide nutritious food to the poor people. We have collaborated with Basava Marga Foundation for this cause. We prepare and distribute 500 meals everyday to help the poor and destitute, he explained.

"We also distribute healthy Kashaya to the police, doctors, Covid warriors as well as to the patients. It is made of organic and natural products which help to boost immunity," he informed.

Further he said, "We equally care for the animals and birds. We feed stray animals, birds everyday from the past 3 years.  We provide water and fruits to the animals in Chamundi hills," he added.

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