A Poem for Children's Day: Before I arrive....

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A Poem for Children's Day: Before I arrive....

A Poem for Children's Day: Before I arrive....

Brian Fernandes   ¦    Nov 14, 2020 09:18:49 AM (IST)

A Poem for Children\'s Day: Before I arrive....-1

When I arrived, you cried...with joy
All that pain, all that patience
washed away, in one final push.

Yet that push was it enough
for me to get ahead in this world?
Did you know how tough it would be
tougher it would get?

And yet you let because I was yours
your pet, your project, your embodiment
and my eyes were opened and
there were tears.

My world changed
And I knew then
I would need more than that one push
To get ahead, away from the bed.

There was love, there was mystery
And in the background,
Hate and jealousy!

You knew that didn’t you
And I know you will try,
But sometimes you can't, or you don’t
And I must push upwards myself or cry...

I have to find a way to crawl, to survive, and to thrive
And I hope I do, Like all other children
that with hope arrive...

And so, I push myself up; I Push them down,
I crush the earth as I light up its hearth
and grab that single berth up there
to go where? I don’t know yet…

You adults you make it difficult for me
it's difficult for you too, but we
need you to change the world
before we do…

Can you do that please before we arrive?
Not after?
Then we can all thrive...