Dubai: Procedure to apply for visa to your dream destination

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Dubai: Procedure to apply for visa to your dream destination

Dubai: Procedure to apply for visa to your dream destination

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Dubai: Travelling will keep you alive!! You are living already but should make your life worth living. Every day we come across so many personal and professional problems that affect our peace of mind. In order to calm down and live with peace, you must travel. Travelling is a part of life; you must travel in order to experience all the different countries their cultures etc. with the advent of the technology, and you can search for anything, anywhere and anytime. You can even check hotel availability, sightseeing, the most popular destination, etc. there are so many dream destinations for people that everyone wants to visit. Dubai, Malaysia, Paris is one of those destinations. There are so many traveling packages available for various destinations. The job of a consultant starts from applying for your Dubai tourist visa to booking your hotels, flights, car for sightseeing, etc.

In order to visit your dream foreign countries, you have to apply for a visa to visit the countries. The tourist visa for Dubai is applicable to those people who want to visit Dubai for traveling or recreational purposes. The tourist visa will allow you to visit that specific country only for a specific time period which is very usually a short period. The maximum allowed period for tourist visas is thirty days only; no tourists can stay for more than 30 days in that country. In order to apply for the tourist visa, you need sponsorship from the hotels or from tour consultants. Dubai is one of the favorite destinations which has gained a lot of popularity in tourism. The biggest shopping festival is organized in Dubai from January to February. The best time to visit Dubai is April to November; you can visit in between these months.

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While traveling to Dubai, getting a tourist visa is not a big issue. To apply for the visa for this country you have to fulfill these conditions. The eligibility criteria to apply for a Dubai tourist visa is as follows:

  • You must have a valid passport with validity for at least six months after your travel date. The term valid passport means your passport must not be expired or due for renewal etc.
  • You must have sufficient empty pages left in your passport.
  • In order to apply for the visa, you must possess the confirmed tickets for your round trip to that country. You have to submit the rough itinerary of your trip to Dubai. It will include where you will stay during your visit to Dubai. 

The simple steps to be followed while applying for a Dubai visa for Indians is as follows:

  • Fill the application form available for the tourist visa of Dubai. It is also available online.
  • Paste or affix the photograph for the application form filled in the first step.
  • Print your application form along with your signatures.
  • Provide all the necessary documents to be attached to your visa application form.
  • Submit the application form along with the specified fees.
  • Check the status for your applied visa application form. 

So what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to Dubai and enjoy the amazing infrastructure and scenic beauty.