Tug-of-War between Mysuru Ex DC Rohini, MLA Ramesh continues

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Tug-of-War between Mysuru Ex DC Rohini, MLA Ramesh continues

Tug-of-War between Mysuru Ex DC Rohini, MLA Ramesh continues

Team NK   ¦    Jun 10, 2021 10:45:09 AM (IST)

Tug-of-War between Mysuru Ex DC Rohini, MLA Ramesh continues-1

Mysuru: Even after the transfer, the allegations against former Deputy Commissioner of Mysuru Rohini Sindhuri has not stopped. JDS K R Nagara MLA S R Mahesh alleged that the electricity cost of Mysuru DC's official residence surpasses Rs 50,00,00 after the construction of a swimming pool.

Speaking to media persons here on Wednesday June 9, Mahesh claimed that DC’s residence has three power meters. “Officials used drinking water for swimming pools, while people are facing a water shortage during the summer. Instead of transferring her, the State Government should have suspended her,” he claimed.

He urged the state government to start an investigation into ten allegations he filed with records to the state's Chief Minister B. S. Yediyurappa and secretary. "I learned through the media that a film will be made about the life of an Andhra Pradesh-based IAS officer,” he added. He also indicated that he would make a film about the life of an IAS official, a poor farmer's son, and how he ended up in tragedy.”

Despite the fact that S R Mahesh has been making claims against her for over a month, Rohini Sindhuri has remained silent. However, she broke her silence on Wednesday June 9, alleging that a land mafia is operating with the help of MLA  S R Mahesh and Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) head Rajiv. She claimed that the mafia transferred her and continued to make claims against her even after the transfer because they were afraid of being investigated.

S Ra Mahesh allegedly built choultry on the Raja canal, and began making claims against her after she filed a notification to MUDA seeking details.

She claimed that Mahesh has a partnership in private Covid Care Centres, which is why no government Covid Care Centres have opened in Mysuru. Even when legislator Mahesh made personal accusations against her by referring to her as a model, she had stayed silent.

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