Cabinet expansion will end BSY govt: Siddaramaiah

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Cabinet expansion will end BSY govt: Siddaramaiah

Cabinet expansion will end BSY govt: Siddaramaiah

SC L S   ¦    Jan 20, 2020 10:47:12 PM (IST)

Cabinet expansion will end BSY govt: Siddaramaiah-1

Mysuru: Leader of the Opposition in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly Siddaramaiah has said that the future doesn't look good for the Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa-led BJP government, claiming that the Cabinet expansion will end his government.

Speaking to the media on Monday, January 20, he said, “If BSY tries to expand his Cabinet, it is definite that the government will collapse as it is not possible to satisfy everyone. Moreover, it is also not possible to give ministry to all the 15 MLAs (earlier disqualified MLAs were part of the Congress and JD(S) parties). Already, A H Vishwanath (one among the 15) is warning the government that he will take a drastic decision if he is not included in the Cabinet rankings.”

“The situation of the 13 candidates (of the 15 previously disqualified MLAs) who won in the recent by-polls is worse. They are not satisfied by the way the BJP high command is treating them. They are not even allowed to meet Union Home Minister Amit Shah," he added.

Lambasting the BSY government and its administration, he said, “I doubt the presence of a functioning government in the state, as it has been nearly six months since the BJP government has come to power, but has not taken off. In my opinion, the government and its Cabinet have not yet been formed.”

Meanwhile, speaking on the delay in the appointment of a new KPCC president, Siddaramaiah said, “I cannot discuss this matter in public. The party high command will take a final call soon. I have asked that they make a decision soon."