After 'Free Kashmir' incident, Mysuru varsity to install 720 CCTVs

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After 'Free Kashmir' incident, Mysuru varsity to install 720 CCTVs

After 'Free Kashmir' incident, Mysuru varsity to install 720 CCTVs

U K   ¦    Feb 18, 2020 11:59:23 AM (IST)

After \'Free Kashmir\' incident, Mysuru varsity to install 720 CCTVs-1Mysuru: The University of Mysore (UOM) has decided to tighten its security and install nearly 720 CCTV cameras across the campus. The move comes after the 'Free Kashmir' sedition incident gripped the university recently. Not only the students but faculty members have also welcomed the move.

It can be recalled that a UOM alumnus was booked on sedition charges for holding a 'Free Kashmir' placard at a protest organised on the campus premises.

After the protest incident, it was brought to light that over four CCTV cameras had been non-functional for the past year.

After seeing the plight of CCTV cameras on campus, UOM Vice-Chancellor Hemantha Kumar decided to come out with high-quality CCTV cameras across University campus for the security of students and staff members. Students also want CCTV cameras installed in all the classrooms.

Speaking to News Karnataka, Hemantha Kumar said, "To increase security in the university campus, we have decided to come out with centralised surveillance which will be set up at the Computer Science department. These cameras will really help us to keep track of the movement of everybody. The work will be started in a few days' time and is expected to be completed by March."

Intelligent Video Surveillance System

"Centralised monitoring solution with a total of 720 cameras are being installed across campus and it covers department corridors, campus roads, entrance and exit gates with the option of capturing vehicle number plates," added Hemanta Kumar.

Department of Physical Education and Sports Deputy Director Pulikeshi Y Shetteppanavar said, "If it is set up, it will be really very good. If there are any illegal activities, fights or clashes among students or for that matter any nuisance in the campus, it can be easily captured in these cameras. Without security, we can identify the people who are involved in a fight or any illegal activities."

Welcoming the initiative, final year PG student TN Vinay Kumar said, "It's a very good initiative on part of university authorities. These cameras will really help keep a tab on any illegal activities such as mobile or chain snatching, theft, any attack on students and any illegal activities on the campus. The most important thing is that just by installing these cameras is not enough as they should be maintained well."