Senior journalist Surendra Shetty passes away

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Senior journalist Surendra Shetty passes away

Senior journalist Surendra Shetty passes away

Team NK   ¦    May 04, 2021 12:43:39 PM (IST)

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Mangaluru: Senior journalist Surendra Shetty (57) died at a private hospital in Mangaluru early this morning on Tuesday May 4.

Surendra Shetty was born in Padumane, Avarse, Brahmavar and raised in Achlady.

He earned a bachelor's degree in mass communications and journalism from Mangaluru University

He has worked in newspapers such as Mungaru, Samyukta Karnataka, Kannada Prabha, Vijayakarnataka, Varta Bharati and others. For a while he headed Mangaluru edition of Kannadaprabha newspaper. In Mangaluru University, he was the honorary president of MAAM, Media Alumni Association of Mangalgangotri. He was chairman of the division's silver festival committee.

He was the editor of the Manobhinandan commemoratuve book that was brought out at the felicitation ceremony organised for Manohar Prasad, a senior journalist in Mangaluru.

For the past two years, he worked at a private firm in Mangaluru

He leaves behind his wife, a daughter and family.

The death of Surendra Shetty has been deeply mourned by the Media Alumni Association of Mangalgangotri (MAAM). Venu Sharma has remembered his partnership and mentorship since the early days of the organisation.

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