'Ram Mandir is just a first step towards uniting Hindus'

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'Ram Mandir is just a first step towards uniting Hindus'

'Ram Mandir is just a first step towards uniting Hindus'

IANS   ¦    Mar 23, 2021 08:01:44 AM (IST)

\'Ram Mandir is just a first step towards uniting Hindus\'-1

Mangaluru: Udupi Pejawar Math seer, Vishwaprasanna Theertha Swamiji, on Monday said that Ram Mandir is just a step towards uniting the Hindus and also warned that the Hindu community should always remain united as there are 'many efforts' going on to hurt the Hindu religious sentiments.

Presiding over the 'Koragajja Adi Kshetrakke Namme Nade' (Our walk towards Koragajja Adi Kshetra, local chief deity of Ullal) programme, he said that there are concerted efforts going on to spoil unity among the Hindus.

"After centuries of fighting, we are on the verge of building a magnificent temple in Ayodhya. Lord Ram is not just God, but he is our renaissance figure. He is our cultural epitome and he is also our guiding man of principle (Maryada Purushottam). A lot of people are not able to digest it. We are able to awaken the Hinduness among ourselves after the temple movement started. Until then, many were not even aware of what Hinduism was," he said.

The Swamiji, who also is the chief trustee of Sri Ram Janma Bhoomi Seva Trust, said: "We have to retain our distinct identity because of our faith and respect towards Sanskrit. Evil forces are out to destroy this very foundation. We need to stay together and face such aggression. Hindu society should always remain together whether there is an attack on us or not."

He added that Sri Ram Mandir at Ayodhya represents our culture.

Swamiji also claimed that the second most important task is to impart knowledge about the ideals followed by Ram to children.

"Now it is in the hands of parents who should start teaching their children from a very young age about Rama values to respect the elders in the family and Rama's valor to uphold the Hindu culture," he said.

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