50 hours 'Nitte Agritech Hackathon 2021' from 5th to 7th March

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50 hours 'Nitte Agritech Hackathon 2021' from 5th to 7th March

50 hours 'Nitte Agritech Hackathon 2021' from 5th to 7th March

Media Release   ¦    Feb 03, 2021 07:27:52 AM (IST)

50 hours \'Nitte Agritech Hackathon 2021\' from 5th to 7th March-1

Mangaluru: AIC Nitte Incubation Centre is organizing a 3-days Agri-Tech Hackathon, during March 5 to 7, to bring together individuals, businesses and educational institutions to find solutions to challenges in the Agri sector. The contest will offer an open platform to share ideas that can reshape the future and travel towards Agri 4.0. The title of the event 'Agri-Tech Hackathon' represents the bringing together of technology which will help in creating advancements in the field of agriculture. The 50 hours hackathon will include support on technology, innovation, design thinking and keynote by experts. Working in teams, participants compete for cash prizes and talent exposure, while creating innovative, tech-based solutions to industry challenges

Individuals, Social Enterprises and Start-ups that have developed or are developing technology-based innovations that have the potential to create an impact in the lives of the farmers particularly smallholder farmers and demonstrate business model sustainability are participating in the event

According to Dr A.P. Achar, CEO AIC Nitte Incubation Ce, the event will focus on finding the solution to following Challenges (1) Monitoring and Management of rate of water, soil health and crop health using IoT, AI & ML, Sensors etc (2) Designing a Digital Platform for Empowerment of Farmer Producer Organizations. (3) Development of a smart system from Farm to Consumers Weekly (4) Value-added products from Agri waste through waste to wealth approach (5) Protecting crops from wild animals.

“Participation in the Hackathon will provide an opportunity to meet an entire ecosystem of innovators, experiment with the latest technology and explore opportunities of creating a Start-up in the core sector,” he said.

Dr Achar said that the Agriculture sector in India employs close to 50% of the country's workforce but accounts for only 18% of the Gross Domestic Product. More than 75% of the Indian farmers own less than two hectares of land and are categorized as 'smallholder' farmers.

“Smallholders are under immense financial stress despite farmer incomes sitting at the centre of the Government's agricultural development strategy. The state of Uttar Pradesh alone accounts for 26% of India's low-income farmers, magnifying the need for impactful development interventions,” said Dr Achar

The winning teams in the contest will be incubated with technical, innovation expertise, access to the technology labs, innovation facilities, access to extensive network across agriculture, technology and the supply chain apart from attractive cash prizes. The details about the event and registration link are available at https://aicnitte.com/agriTech-hackathon.php.

 For any clarification please contact Dr A.P. Achar ( 9945797197)

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