Nalin's knowledge is limited only to M'luru: Fmr CM Siddaramaiah

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Nalin's knowledge is limited only to M'luru: Fmr CM Siddaramaiah

Nalin's knowledge is limited only to M'luru: Fmr CM Siddaramaiah

SC GM   ¦    Oct 18, 2019 02:47:32 PM (IST)

Nalin\'s knowledge is limited only to M\'luru: Fmr CM Siddaramaiah-1Mangaluru: “BJP state president Nalin Kumar Kateel's knowledge is limited to Mangaluru only and he doesn't know anything about the whole state,” said former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Friday, October 18.

Siddaramaiah was visiting Mangaluru to attend a meeting with Congress party workers. After touching down at Mangalore International Airport, reporters sought the former CM's response to Kateel's "32nd district" gaffe yesterday.

Speaking to reporters, Siddaramaiah said that Nalin knows only about Mangaluru and added that Nalin's comments reflected his knowledge of the state.

Responding to BC Patil’s statement, Siddaramaiah rubbished the allegations. “Modi is not in my pocket and he won’t do as per my direction,” Siddaramaiah added.

It can be recalled that BC Patil had alleged that anybody who opposed Siddaramaiah had to face raids by the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

Meanwhile, Siddaramaiah condemned Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa's remarks on releasing water to Maharashtra. “Yediyurappa is giving such a statement only to gain political mileage. Both states already had a meeting in this regard and there was no need for Yediyurappa's statement now,” he said.

Siddaramaiah further admitted that he had written a letter to the Chief Minister, asking him for the allotment of the Cauvery guesthouse which Siddaramaiah claims was given to him by KJ George. “There is nothing wrong in demanding the Cauvery guesthouse as it was allotted me earlier,” he said.

Commenting on ‘Operation Kamala’, Siddaramaiah said that the BJP had indulged in a practice of luring MLAs of other parties with huge amounts of money.

“BJP should reveal its source of income used to purchase the MLAs of other parties. BJP leaders make threats of ED raids if anyone refuses their demands," he said.