Forrader Akademi to be inaugurated in Mangaluru on Jun 15

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Forrader Akademi to be inaugurated in Mangaluru on Jun 15

Forrader Akademi to be inaugurated in Mangaluru on Jun 15

Media Release   ¦    Jun 13, 2019 02:56:21 PM (IST)

Forrader Akademi to be inaugurated in Mangaluru on Jun 15-1Mangaluru: Forrader Akademi is all set to be inaugurated on Saturday, June 15, at Anjanadri, behind SDM College, MG Road, Mangaluru, at 4 PM.

Government of Karnataka, former deputy speaker N Yogish Bhat and Canara High School Association Honorary Secretary M Ranganath Bhat will be the guests of honour. Forrader Akademi provides an array of services, ranging from English language training to emotional counselling to mind mapping. All in all, the centre equips the candidates to face the professional challenges ahead efficiently.

Courses Offered


Succeeding in IELTS is a requirement while exploring growing opportunities worldwide and our consultants orient you towards that end.

French Classes

French language classes for academics and for emigration applicants.

Studies Abroad

Our experts help you identify the country and university or institute where you can pursue a career-advancing program, and assist you in the procedures such as admission and emigration.

Emotional Counselling

Our trained counselors help you identify issues that may be impediments in your progress and support you in your search for solutions.

Speed Reading

Speed reading is a technique used to improve one's ability to read quickly. Practice sessions help you overcome challenges of information-heavy workplaces.

Memory Techniques

Memory boosting techniques support students in their quest for academic achievements and professionals in getting more work done.

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a tool that helps us organize information through imagery and hence improves our capacity to create associations between ideas.

Creative Writing

We train you in fiction writing, poetry writing, creative non-fiction writing and more. The purpose is to express something, whether it be feelings or thoughts.


We provide tips and practices in bettering their handwriting to help students in improving grades in classes.

Spelling (Phonics)

Phonics teaches the connection between word sounds and written letters and thus also teaches spelling patterns to support students to learn the basics of spelling.

Project Consultations

We provide you expert advice on issues connected to projects such as feasibility, legal requirements and logistics.

Public Speaking

We conduct training in public speaking with practical sessions that strengthen your speaking skills.

Interview Skills

We provide sessions on effective body language and offer tips to face job interviews.

Entrepreneurship Development

We improve the skills and conceptual abilities of entrepreneurs through training programmes and theory classes.

An illustrious panel of trainers at Forrader includes:

CA MN Pai, Chartered Accountant and Facilitator, Tanuja Maben, Facilitator and Counsellor, Dr Malini N Hebbar, Associate Prof of English St Agnes College, Nivedita Mirajkar, Trainer, Mentor, Coach, CA Kiran Vasant, Practising Chartered Accountant and Soft Skills Trainer, Savitha Salian, Facilitator, Bharathi Shevgoor, Editor, Tarjani Communications Pvt. Ltd, Dr Molly S Chaudhuri, Corporate Trainer, Divyashree Gatti, Trainer, Interview Skills and Life Skills, CA Shivaram Kamath, Investment Advisor and Facilitator, Sunitha Pereira, English Language Trainer and Facilitator, Shivani R Baliga, Soft Skills Trainer, CA Giridhar Kamath, Practicing Chartered Accountant and Facilitator, Crissel Rhea Maben, Arts and Crafts Specialist.

For details contact: T: 0824 2492800 / M: 98452 42090