Apartment residents assure to segregate waste: Urge MCC to waive harsh fine

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Apartment residents assure to segregate waste: Urge MCC to waive harsh fine

Apartment residents assure to segregate waste: Urge MCC to waive harsh fine

Team NK   ¦    Jun 07, 2021 10:28:13 PM (IST)

Apartment residents assure to segregate waste: Urge MCC to waive harsh fine-1

Mangaluru: The City Corporation has imposed a penalty of Rs 500 each on 106 residents of an apartment complex located at Chilimbi in Mangaluru for not segregating dry and wet waste. A total amount of Rs. 53,000 was fined by the corporation.

Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) has given the instruction that every apartment in the city had to properly segregate garbage into dry waste and wet waste. Wet waste has to be processed and used by the apartment, while the dry waste is carried by the garbage collection vehicles.

Commenting on the issue, MCC Mayor, Premanand Shetty told News Karnataka, "several times the daily workers and health inspectors had spoken to the association members and residents about the need to follow proper procedures for segregating waste.” He said that even after repeated warning they did not listen which led to a fine being imposed.

“Dry waste is collected by corporation workers only on Friday and wet waste is collected on all the other days,” said Bhasker C, Health Inspector from MCC who is working in this regard alongside Deepika D’Souza and Ashwini. He explained that even hazardous medical waste is collected on all days of the week and that the people should inform the workers on what type of waste it is. “The dry waste is sent to the recycling centre, while wet waste goes for composting and the medical waste such as mask and so on is burned according to government guidelines. For this to be done it is important that the residents segregate the waste,” Bhasker said.

He further added that six months ago every apartment in Mangaluru was told to establish a wet waste processing unit in each apartment so that they can create their own compost. “This apartment has not created this unit nor do they segregate the waste,” he added.

MCC Commissioner Akshy Shridhar, visited the apartment concerned on Sunday June 6 and conducted an inspection. Sources from MCC said that the action will be taken against residents who continue to overlook instructions of the city corporation.

Speaking to News Karnataka on this matter, residents of the apartment said, “with due respect to the concerned, we would like to humbly and respectfully submit that our Mars & Venus society has 106 flats most of which are occupied by students and employed persons, majority tenants and who are in the middle class category who leave for their duties early in the morning. Communication from the Management Committee on several occasions has not reached them because of their non-availability at their respective apartments. Most of the weekend too many of them leave for their natives and our communication got unserved. Even our maintenance staff too could not attend their duty because of the lockdown imposed in the city resulting in non-segregation of the garbage.”

They also said, “last year, in the month of March, in the right earnest, we had plans of installation of bins for garbage segregation as per the accepted standard norms. But at the last moment, the execution of the plan was held up due to the Covid pandemic and the resultant lockdown. Thus, we could not go ahead with the plan."

"While we all are aware and greatly appreciate the Corporation's initiative of the garbage management, our committee has been relentlessly contacting each and every tenants/occupant and exhorting upon them the need to segregate the waste which is of paramount importance in the present scenario to make our beloved PMs dream of a Swachh Bharat."

"It may not be out of place to mention here that sometime in Jan 2020 the drain pipe broke and water therefrom seeped into the Corporation water line coming to our society leading to several people getting affected due to the contaminated water.  Despite several complaints, no action was taken and only after a known politician interfered, things were set right.”

Speaking further they said, “hence, while we earnestly wish to impress upon you that we are very much aware of the Corporation's directive, imposing of such a heavy penalty on our society for the reasons stated above is very harsh and hence may please be waived completely. We on our part assure you the strictest compliance with the extant guidelines.”

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