75 years of Independence: Swaraj then and now

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75 years of Independence: Swaraj then and now

75 years of Independence: Swaraj then and now

Team NK   ¦    Mar 27, 2021 06:32:13 PM (IST)

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Mangaluru: Seshadri Chari, former editor of the weekly journal Organiser, talks about the concept of 'India' from 1947-2021 at the third edition of Mangaluru Lit fest at Ocean pearl on Saturday March 27. “Historically and geographically speaking, there have been many changes in India,” he said.

“Culture and decency are issues that need to be realized in different settings. Geographical ideas are still the same today. But cultural issues alone have witnessed many significant changes,” he said.

He said that the idea of self-government is what we represent. "All political issues come within the limits of this one agenda." It should be noted that India is moving forward in the concept of the world as a family. We need to be aware of the continuation of civilization,” he expressed. Chari felt that this learning trend should be with us forever.

Commenting on this idea, Dr Vikram Sampath said, “We have many ideas about India. Because of this, it was difficult to gain independence. The concept of India is not just political. Instead, it includes thinking about civilization, culture, and spirituality. Freedom is not the only concept of politics,” he said.

He further said that freedom must be created by the notion of cultural equality. “We can see similar thoughts in the Constitution and hence everyone should be aware of it. In such enlightenment there is unity in variety. For the past 75 years in our society, we have seen growth in all sectors, such as medical, education and equality,” he said.

Dr Dharma, Professor at Mangaluru University, said that the idea of Swaraj is special and elaborate. “It is clear that the people who implemented the idea of Parliament were aware of the idea and the idea of self. It's been 75 years for India's independence. But it must be understood that the concept of India was already there,” he said. The British went from India but they are alive with us along with their thoughts, he added.

Ritika Acharya talked about gender equality and how young people need to know about our traditions and the science behind them. “A woman should be allowed to live by her own thoughts. The freedom that men have; she needs to know in all respects. Indian women are not lagging behind in any sector. The woman continues to work in a corporate setting and at home,” she said. She was of the opinion that the return of traditions and cultures should be made known to young people.

Coordinator Nandan Prabhu said, "We want independence for our culture and our traditions. We must reconsider the 75 years of Indian independence.” He was of the opinion that changes in all sectors including India's social, religious, political and educational need to be reviewed.

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