4 boys meet watery grave

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4 boys meet watery grave

4 boys meet watery grave

Admin   ¦    May 16, 2014 03:47:00 PM (IST)


Mangalore :
Four boys, all below ten years of age, have met a watery grave in the sea at Koorikatta near Baikampady on Friday may 16. All the four are children of migrant labourers  from north Karnataka and were students of a government school at Baikampady.

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The deceased boys are  Chidananda,  Neelappa, both 9 years of age, Gurish (7) and   Naveen (8). A total of five  had ventured into the water to have fun and play but  were pulled in by the strong waves. Only one of them Manjunath was rescued.

Though local fishermen plunged into the waters in a bid to rescue the boys, they  had drowned.

Of the deceased, Girish and Naveen are siblings and sons of Tirukappa from Haveri, while Neelappa was the son of Jinjappa and Chidananda was the son of Jamuna.

Panambur police have registered a case.