Buddhist Dhamma is scientific religion in the world: Bhante Bodhidatta

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Buddhist Dhamma is scientific religion in the world: Bhante Bodhidatta

Buddhist Dhamma is scientific religion in the world: Bhante Bodhidatta

Team NK   ¦    Feb 02, 2021 01:47:30 PM (IST)

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Mandya: “Buddhist Dhamma is a world's scientific religion and Buddhists are leading anabasis life in developed countries” said Bhante Bodhidatta, head of Nalanda Buddhist University, Chamarajanagar.  

He was speaking after a sermon at the preparatory conference of the 65th State Level Dhamma ordination ceremony held in association with the International Buddhist Monks Charitable Trust and the district chapter of Buddhist Mahasabha of India at Ambedkar Bhavan in the City.

He said that Buddhism is very simple and anyone could follow it through paths of Panchasheela and Ashtanga Marg. The Buddha had given dhamma for mental peace and development on a scientific basis.

“No other religion in the world will help you to understand yourself than Buddhism. In other religions, religion begins with God, but in Buddhism religion begins with a scientific attitude,” he added.

 The programmes of the World Buddha Dhamma Sangh are changing the direction of Buddha dhamma. In the programme scheduled to be held on 14th October 2021 at Palace Ground premises, Bengaluru, 10 lakh people are likely to be ordinated to Buddha Dhamma and around 5,000 monks and bikkuni saints are expected to be added across the country, he said. 

After the programme, it has also been decided to perform Dhamma padayatra in all districts for about 500 days, covering 5,000 km across all Districts of Karnataka, he said.

Sundahalli Nagaraju T, district president of Indian Buddhist Mahasabha, said that due to prevalent caste system, violence and cruelty in Hindu religion, Dr Ambedkar had converted to Buddhism, in order to provide dignified life and to bring them to mainstream. At that point of time Buddhism was almost on the brink of extinction, Ambedkar gave a new life, he said.

On this occasion , two families of Kodagu were given Buddhist initiation.

The programme was attended by Bhantejnanalokara of Ashoka Vihara Bengaluru, Bhantedeepankara of Ashtangamarga Dhyana Kendra Mysore, Bikkuni Budhamma of Nagaseva Bhudhavihara, Bikkuni Gautami of Naraguru, Bikkuni Sanghamitra of Nalanda Budhist University, M Mallikarjuna Balke President, MC Shivaraj Secretary, Buddhist Mahasabha of India, Dr Venkataswamy and Dr H R Surendra, Venkatagiriyayya, GC Venkataramanappa,


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