BSY government has completed 100 days with ‘anti-people’ regime: UTK

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BSY government has completed 100 days with ‘anti-people’ regime: UTK

BSY government has completed 100 days with ‘anti-people’ regime: UTK

CI   ¦    Nov 12, 2019 07:50:52 PM (IST)

BSY government has completed 100 days with ‘anti-people’ regime: UTK-1

Madikeri: “Even though the Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa-led BJP government has completed 100 days, it has still not taken off. It is still trying to maintain its balance, however, this won't be for long as this government will collapse," said former minister U T Khader.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, November 12, at the district Congress office, he said, “The BJP, in its 100-day-tenure, has not implemented any new schemes and is only continuing with the schemes implemented by former chief minister Siddaramaiah. It has failed in responding to the flood victims of the state. Because of this attitude of theirs, the flood victims are left clueless. The cheque sanctioned by the government has not yet reached them. Amidst all this, the BSY government is investing huge amounts in advertisements.”

Khader also lashed out at the Central Government for not responding to the flood relief operation and not releasing funds even though BSY had met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this regard.

“The Central Government has not released sufficient funds even after BSY’s visit to Delhi. This is not only an insult to BSY, but also to the people of the state," he added.

Lashing out at the state government, accusing it of betraying the poor, he said, “When the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government was in power, around 40 lakh BPL cards were distributed. But after the BSY-led BJP government came to power, it has not only withdrawn the BPL cards but also not attempted to provide daily use products to the economically backward class. By doing this, the government has betrayed the poor. I urge the government to relook into the matter.”

Meanwhile, UTK accused the Central Government of being ‘anti-people’ for its drastic steps taken with regard to the economy and employment.

‘State government has failed to provide necessary aid to flood victims’

Claiming the BJP government’s attitude to be less responsive towards the flood victims, Khader said, “During the time of the Congress-JD(S) coalition government in the state, Karnataka had faced a similar flood situation. We had proved that the government was pro-people. Sa Ra Mahesh, who was the then district in-charge minister, had responded promptly. The credit goes to former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy.”

“The coalition government had released Rs 1.03 lakhs for the homeless during the first stage of flood relief and had sanctioned Rs 50,000 for the purchase of daily use products. The rejuvenation process had set a good example. The current flood relief operations must gain momentum and it is the duty and responsibility of all the legislators to see to it that flood relief operations are carried out in time," he added.

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BSY government has completed 100 days with ‘anti-people’ regime: UTK