Light snow and heavy hailstorms in some areas

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Light snow and heavy hailstorms in some areas

Light snow and heavy hailstorms in some areas

Team NK   ¦    Feb 20, 2021 10:51:06 AM (IST)

Light snow and heavy hailstorms in some areas-1

Kodagu: While Madikeri saw heavy hailstorms, Shanivarasanthe and Kodlipet of Somawarpet Taluk witnessed snow showers pouring into the roads.

Instead of rain in the afternoon, snow poured into the roads, roofs, and gardens. Snow piled up to half a foot on the road causing vehicular movement to halt due to a lack of visibility of the road. With the snow everywhere, from rooftops to trees, Kodagu began to look more like its popular name, 'Kashmir of Karnataka'.

On Friday afternoon, Kodlipet, Shanivarsanthe, Gadugalale, Nidtha, and more than other ten villages of Somwarpet were completely transformed like the Himalayan hills and villages in Kashmir.

Kodagu received heavy rainfall due to the depression from Kerala to Maharashtra. As a result, there was a hail storm in the nearby localities of Shanivarasanthe and Kodlipet. The terrifying hail storm lasted for more than half an hour causing fear amongst people.

The sudden and unexpected hail storm destroyed many crops including coffee, pepper, and green chilly. The coffee beans that were still on the trees were destroyed in the process.

By evening, heavy rains lashed the surrounding areas including Madikeri. The rains poured into the streets like streams. The sudden downpour caused heavy disruption to people and traffic.

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