‘Mini mini bhasma’ in ‘Bhasmasura Mohini’ Yakshagana act!

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‘Mini mini bhasma’ in ‘Bhasmasura Mohini’ Yakshagana act!

‘Mini mini bhasma’ in ‘Bhasmasura Mohini’ Yakshagana act!

SC L S   ¦    Jan 30, 2020 04:53:10 PM (IST)

‘Mini mini bhasma’ in ‘Bhasmasura Mohini’ Yakshagana act!-1

Karwar: Former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy’s ‘mini mini powder’ comment about the Mangaluru International Airport bomb scare case has been getting trolled left right and centre. No stone has been left unturned when it comes to making a mockery out of the statement on social media. Most recently, in Mangaluru, the statement was incorporated into a Yakshagana play, and now, the same has been done in Karwar.

The modern version of the folk art Yakshagana involves a hint of comedy in its mythological and imaginative acts, and finds success in tickling the audience.

A Yakshagana team, which staged a mythological act titled “Bhasmasura Mohini”, incorporated the phrase ‘mini mini bhasma’ (bhasma means ashes), which made the audience almost fall off their seats with laughter.

In the play, when a comic character is asked what he would do if he confronts ‘Bhasamasura’ (the demon cursed by Lord Shiva), he says that his father has given him a powerful powder called ‘mini mini bhasma’ which he would use against the demon.

This video clip has now gone viral.