Newly wed groom succumbs to covid

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Newly wed groom succumbs to covid

Newly wed groom succumbs to covid

Team NK   ¦    May 01, 2021 03:45:15 PM (IST)

Newly wed groom succumbs to covid-1

Bijnor: In a twist of fate, a newlywed groom died owing to Corona within 72 hours of getting married, in Bijnor, UP.  Chandpur resident Babali's marriage was held with Jatan resident Arjun on April 25.

After marriage the newlywed couple returned to Bijnor. But on that night, Arjun had severe fever.  The family immediately rushed him to the district Hospital.  He was diagnosed with coronavirus.

He was immediately shifted to Covid Hospital where his health condition further deteriorated. Family members allege Arjun died on April 29 due to lack of oxygen.  Grief stricken Babali said she lost her husband within 72 hours of marriage.  Now Babali’s health is also getting worse.

Health officials conducted RTPCR on family members who attended the marriage. Test results are awaited. 

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