Types of Interior Wall Paints that You Should be Aware of

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Types of Interior Wall Paints that You Should be Aware of

Types of Interior Wall Paints that You Should be Aware of

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There is a lot more to wall painting than you may guess. For starters, there are a variety of paints that you can use with. Each type of paint has a unique quality and can be used for different purposes. While choosing paints, it’s not just about the color but also the texture, finish, gloss, stainability, and multiple other factors. To make the right choice you must be aware of the different types of interior wall paints. Find the best interior paint services at the painting service in Bangalore.

Flat paint- Flat or matte paints are the most affordable type of paints. They don’t have a reflective surface and they don’t last very long in their finish. They can be great for areas that don’t have much traffic. They are useful for a quick paint job and the texture covers up all the minor imperfections in the wall. One can use it for ceilings and other less usable areas.

Eggshell paint- Eggshell paints are slightly glossier than matte finish. It is more durable and also quite affordable. Walls with eggshell paints don’t appear too glossy and they can be used for high-traffic areas as well. It is also easy to clean, unlike matte paints. Thereby, it is among the popular options for interior painting in the market.

Satin paint- Satin paint can be observed to have slightly more gloss than eggshell paint. There are minor differences. As the name suggests, it gives a smooth, satin-like texture to the walls. It is also highly durable as compared to other kinds of paints and can last you several years. If you are painting your interiors, this can be the best option for all the rooms, especially the bedrooms and living room. It is stain-resistant and is also easy to clean.

High-gloss paint - High-gloss paints are hard, shiny, and very reflective. They are also perfectly stain-resistant and have a high washability. They can be applied on walls but they are best used for wood, doors, and cabinets. They can be a good option for bathrooms and kitchens as they are very easy to clean and don’t get spoilt by moisture. However, they should be applied on highly-prepped walls as they can reflect small imperfections in the wall and make them very visible. Therefore, if you are using gloss paints, you should make sure that the wall is well-primed to have a smooth surface. If you are looking for waterproofing services, check out waterproofing services in Bangalore.

They can be a convenient and classy option for your interiors as they have a very clean look and they are very easy to maintain. Enamels can be regarded as high-gloss paints. They are quite expensive so one can use them in combination with another type of paint depending on convenience. For example- if the main surfaces of high traffic are painted with enamel paint then the ceilings can be done with low-sheen or matte paint.

Therefore, one can understand that each type of paint has its own unique importance and purpose. Sheen finishes, stain resistance, and washability should be important factors while choosing the right paint for different types of interiors.