8-year-old raped, brutally murdered in Chincholi

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8-year-old raped, brutally murdered in Chincholi

8-year-old raped, brutally murdered in Chincholi

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Chincholi: While the gruesome rape and murder of a veterinary doctor in Hyderabad remains fresh in the people's minds, a horrific incident has been reported from Karnataka, where an eight-year-old girl was raped and brutally murdered.

According to reports, the minor was allegedly raped and brutally murdered on Monday, December 2 noon, by 35-year-old Yellappa.

Confessing his crime during the investigation, he revealed that he had lured the girl with the promise of chocolates. Tempted by the chocolates, the girl followed him, after which he raped and murdered her.

Some of the villagers said that they had seen the girl going with Yellappa and in the evening, when they returned from work, they saw the child's dead body. Suspecting Yellappa as the culprit, they questioned him, but he dismissed the allegations.

The villagers informed the police that they found minor’s body in the Mullamari Canal. They said that she was bleeding from her privates and her dress was shabby. They also told police that they found Yellappa's undergarment at the same spot.

Sources said that, although Yellappa was married, he had no children and was an alcoholic. Many complaints were also filed against him for being a pervert.

The villagers added that the deceased girl was mentally challenged.

Meanwhile, the police have informed that her mortal remains were taken to the Sedam Taluk Hospital, where her postmortem is being carried out. Once the process is over, the body will be handed over to the family.