Victor's offerings to Hindu temples create water in barren borewells!

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Victor's offerings to Hindu temples create water in barren borewells!

Victor's offerings to Hindu temples create water in barren borewells!

Ganesh Mavanji   ¦    Jun 07, 2019 04:46:16 PM (IST)

Victor\'s offerings to Hindu temples create water in barren borewells!-1Mangaluru: Victor D'Silva, a resident of Gundel village in Kallamundkur, Kinnigoli, has dug four borewells but despite going down upto a depth of around 600 ft, he could not get even a drop of water in all of them. When he was frustrated, some people opined that his land must have 'Naga Dosha' (wrath of Serpent God) and advised him to give offerings to Subrahmanya and Dharmastala temples. Victor was also told to offer tender coconut to 'Jumadi Daiva',  silver glass to 'Kodamanithaya Daiva' and mass at his native church. Victor decided to do all of these, if he would get sufficient water

Hence, Victor took measures to dig one more borewell on his land on May 2, 2019. Surprisingly, he got very good water in his fifth borewell. But soon after he got water in his fifth borewell, he noticed a serpent nearby. When he sought the opinion of some religious experts like Jagadish Shanti, he was told to offer pooja immediately which he decided prior to the completion of borewell.

After completing all the offerings, Victor did not spot any serpent on his land. Though Victor belongs to Christianity, he believes that he got good amount of water in his borewell as he offered pooja in the Hindu temples.

Speaking to Victor said, " I don't think that God is different for each religion. When I was told to offer pooja in Hindu temples by some religious leaders, I did not feel bad and decided to go ahead without a second thought. We had enough water to supply to our plantations from our open well till last year. But, this year we are facing severe shortage of water. When I dug four borewells spending nearly Rs 5 Lakh and did not get a single drop of water, I preferred to dig one more borewell by the suggestions of my well-wishers. Finally, my prayers yielded positive results."

The most surprising thing is that though there was no water in all four borewells earlier, water started pouring in after he offered pooja ‌in temples. Hence, now Victor is pumping water from two borewells to his seven acres of plantations (arecanut, coconut and paddy) round the clock. As he has excess water in borewells, now he is planning to donate it to his gram panchayat to provide water to the needy.

" As I have enough water in my borewells, I decided to allow others to use the water. Hence, I approached the gram panchayat and asked them to supply water to those who are facing the problem of drinking water. It is my duty to provide water to those who have severe shortage of it", Victor adds.

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