Startup fever finds its way to films with Netflix’s 'Upstarts'

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Startup fever finds its way to films with Netflix’s 'Upstarts'

Startup fever finds its way to films with Netflix’s 'Upstarts'

Cindrella Daryani   ¦    Oct 19, 2019 10:03:20 PM (IST)

Startup fever finds its way to films with Netflix’s \'Upstarts\'-1

From the metros to tier two and three cities, the Indian startup ecosystem is making great headway across the nation. Indubitably, startups, have many challenges, but young Indian turks are truly fascinated with this culture. Today, entrepreneurs are the new heroes and are catching the eye of many aspiring business owners.

Now it looks like even filmmakers are getting swept up by the startup culture. Netflix India released a new film "Upstarts" on October 18. Directed by Udai Singh Pawar, the star cast includes Priyanshu Painyuli, Shadab Kamal, Chandrachoor Rai, Sheetal Thakur, Rajeev Siddhartha, Swati Semwal and Eijaaz Khan.

"Upstarts" is a story of several millennials and is a reflection of the visionaries who have already made their way into the world of startups.

The story revolves around the three young friends - Kapil (Priyanshu Painyuli), Yash (Chandrachoor Rai) and Vinay (Shadab Kamal) - who are gripped with the enthusiasm to set up their own company which can bring a change in society, aside from making oodles of money.

Startup fever finds its way to films with Netflix’s \'Upstarts\'-2Priyanshu Painyuli, one of the lead actors of the film, had a candid conversation with Cindrella Daryani of about "Upstarts" and himself. Similar to his character's journey in the film, Priyanshu and his five friends started a company in Bengaluru. Later, he made an exit from the business after he realised his passion for acting and pursued a career in his preferred field.

Apart from "Upstarts", Priyanshu will soon be seen in Netflix’s next release "Dhaka", a project where he had the opportunity to work with actor Chris Hemsworth. Sharing his experience, he said, “I learned something or the other from all of them. They were very warm and made me feel comfortable and that is a sign of professionalism that makes others deliver their best on the set.” The film is expected to release early next year.

Startup fever finds its way to films with Netflix’s \'Upstarts\'-3Startup scenario

Bengaluru is a hub for startups. A decade ago, there was no 'startup mania' among youngsters. “I have seen people who take a big risk, leave their jobs, a fixed decent salary and all the alluring perks, just to have their own startup. No doubt, failure is a part of any initiative, yet people are experimenting. Besides, the Central Government's startup-friendly schemes are also facilitating their businesses somewhere,” he said.

After grabbing the role, the actor met several startup head honchos like those of OLA, Urban Ladder and Redbus, to perceive what part of their work obsesses them. “The commonalities between them were the kind of hardships they faced, their failures and they truly believe their instinct and ideas. For 24 hours, they just consider their ideas, and once they are sure about it, they are determined to achieve it,” he summarised.

Startup fever finds its way to films with Netflix’s \'Upstarts\'-4OTT avenue for contemporary story ideas

OTT is a peculiar platform where a film is executed to experiment present day story ideas. Today, many filmmakers, who love experimenting with new ideas, are choosing this medium for their films, where many new actors, directors and writers are coming up with new ideas, stories and content. The actor added that "Upstarts" has been released in 190 countries to its 150 million members and that happened because of OTT, which is a global platform. It has a wide reach and that is what makes a director and an artist happy.

From the stage to the screen

The actor feels that theatre plays help an artiste explore the profundity of the actor inside them. He often advises his friends, juniors and newcomers to be a part of plays, as the stage is the first step to the big screen. He states that, during theatre plays, artistes have to rehearse for a month or two and that grooms them overall. It helps in dialogue delivery, improves confidence and helps in understating the gravity of a character in the play. He adds that he witnessed a huge change in cities like Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Lucknow, where a substantial theatre culture has developed in just a decade.

Before making it to the big screen, Priyanshu was a part of several theatre groups. He travelled and performed several plays across the country including Delhi, Lucknow and Bengaluru. He made his debut in "Rock On 2", however, he is most admired for his role in "Bhavesh Joshi".