Passionate filmmaker helps Kannada medium students to learn chemistry

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Passionate filmmaker helps Kannada medium students to learn chemistry

Passionate filmmaker helps Kannada medium students to learn chemistry

SC H Varghese   ¦    May 31, 2021 10:26:18 AM (IST)

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The dependence on the online mode of education has tripled with the onset of the pandemic. With many learning tools in place to supplement teaching from the institutions, students are slowly trying to adjust to the ‘new normal’. There are many coaching classes, apps and videos which can be found online but the one problem with them is that they offer classes only in English or Hindi.

“In Karnataka, children in the suburban areas and rural areas are taught in Kannada till their SSLC and slowly they are transitioned into English medium, “said Pavan Bhat, founder of Pavan Chem classes. He said that for these students who have been taught in the Kannada medium, following lessons in English becomes difficult. To help such students to learn chemistry easily, Pavan Bhat started the Pavan Chem classes which is available through his app on play store.

Pavan explained that all the writing are in English and that he uses the various jargons that are important in the subject but the communicative language is Kannada.

Pavan who is a passionate filmmaker and film writer has finished producing his first film called as Cutting Shop. He has predominantly worked in the Kannada film industry as a writer for films like Maya Bazar (2016). “Due to the lockdown scenario, it’s a bit of struggle to release Cutting Shop which otherwise was scheduled to release in 2021,” Pavan explained.

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Pavan Bhat

Before venturing into the world of films, Pavan was a chemistry lecturer and when the lockdown affected the film industry, he decided to use his lecturing skills to impart education to the people in need.

One can access the first chapter in his app by paying only Rs 1. It can be accessed by paying Rs 100 from the second chapter onwards and thus the entire 11th standard syllabus for chemistry can be downloaded for Rs 2000. Chemistry classes for 12th standard are also available. Pavan has distributed the rates in such a way that it becomes affordable for students in the rural areas also. Pavan explained that those who are preparing for JEE or NEET can find can access to these classes by paying Rs 3000 per year.

One more plus point about this app is that the students do not have to buy the entire subject but rather they can buy and download only the chapters they are weak in! “This initiate is rather new and so far, there have been 50 to 60 downloads,” Pavan explained.

Talking about the online mode of education like these, Pavan said that a lot of people are prejudiced and believe that these will affect the children badly. “Earlier the teachers were available only in the schools but through online mediums they are available 24/7 and it can be interactive if the children have a will to adapt to the situation,” Pavan said.

He also argued that even though online education is trying its best, it cannot replace class room education. Pavan said, “the challenge comes when thinking about how to teach lab and practical work but as far as theory goes, we can do it!”

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