Newskarnataka's Brian Fernandes named in top 10 of the Quint's My Report Debate II

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Newskarnataka's Brian Fernandes named in top 10 of the Quint's My Report Debate II

Newskarnataka's Brian Fernandes named in top 10 of the Quint's My Report Debate II

Team NK   ¦    May 16, 2019 06:21:14 PM (IST)

Newskarnataka\'s Brian Fernandes named in top 10 of the Quint\'s My Report Debate II-1

The results of the Second Edition of the My Report Debate conducted in English and Hindi by The - a reputed national news portal are out. Team Newskarnataka is proud that one of its teammates, Brian Fernandes, the CEO of the Spearhead Media Group (the owners of and Karnataka Today, the reputed Karnataka focused English monthly Magazine) made it to the top ten in the English Category. The winner in English was Syed Muiz Qadri (Report title: How to Handle Pakistan?) from Natipora, Srinagar and the winner of the Hindi version was Amith Kumar Sinha (Report title: How Do We Stop the Enmity with Pakistan?) from Bijnore. The top ten featured another member from Karnataka- Kalyan Kumar Banerjee from Bengaluru. He wrote a report titled "With Pak, Persistence, Patience, Pragmatism". It’s learnt that a senior editor from The Quint and two veteran journalists formed the jury for the entries.

The question before the debate contestants (to be answered in 500 words) was "How to fix the India-Pakistan relationship: Jaadu ki jhappi or surgical strike?"

The maiden edition of The Quint's "My Report Debate" was also a huge success! Subhashish Nandi won Rs 10,000 in the English category and Manish Patel won the same from the Hindi category. The top 10 from both categories were awarded a certificate of merit and published on The Quint.

Here's what Fernandes had to say about being named in the top ten, "I am very happy to have been named in the top ten of the English version of this written debate. The Quint has a vast and a very discerning readership, and in a country such as ours, respect for the diversity of thought is as important as respect for diversity in other dimensions of our polity - for it puts innovative solutions to existing and possible future concerns on the table. As a responsible citizen of this great nation, I am glad I was able to contribute my thoughts on how to resolve what seems to be an intractable problem. I thank the Quint for the opportunity and their commitment to providing the citizenry a chance to participate in governance through debates on a public platform.”

Read Fernandes' contribution to the debate here.

Photo Courtesy: Shruti Mathur/The Quint