"Guddada Bhootha" serial on Zee Kannada from Dec 30

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"Guddada Bhootha" serial on Zee Kannada from Dec 30

"Guddada Bhootha" serial on Zee Kannada from Dec 30

Cindrella   ¦    Dec 28, 2013 03:12:00 PM (IST)


\"Guddada Bhootha\" serial on Zee Kannada from Dec 30-1Mumbai: The teleserial ‘Guddada Bhootha” directed by Sadananda Suvarna which had created ripples when it was telecast by Door Darshan two decades ago, will be re-telecast by Zee Kannada channel from December 30 onwards at 7.30 pm.

A private channel had recently even aired a programme on the making of Guddada Bhootha. Impressed by the serial, Zee Kannada channel Chief Gowtham Machaiah had sent  copies of the tele serial to Chennai and had  given it a new touch through D.I. Technology,.

The serial directed by Sadananda Suvarana,  has the cinematography by GS Bhasker   while Girish Kasaravalli is the Technical Director.  Eminent actor Prakash Rai is in the lead role while other star cast include Prof Udyavara Madhava Acharya, Prof. Ramdas, Prof. Madhavi Bhandari, Prof. Balakrishna Bhat, Geetha Suratkal and Sadananda Suvarna.

The teleserial was shot in Vaddarse area   near Kundapur in the residence of journalist Vaddarse Raghuram Shetty. The house has been retained even now in commemoration of the serial.

The tele serial is based on a Tulu play by the same time and revolves around the  belief of villagers that the house in the outskirts of the village was haunted. Some incidents that take place too justify the beliefs. The hero who arrives from Mumbai decides to  do a reality check and the serial has several interesting sequences and has already created a history as a suspense comedy serial.