Jayant Kaikini releases two new books

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Jayant Kaikini releases two new books

Jayant Kaikini releases two new books

Mar 29, 2021 03:44:41 PM (IST)

Jayant Kaikini releases two new books-1

Bengaluru: Scientist Sundar Sarukai opined that the most common concepts were transformed into aesthetics by Jayant Kaikini.

He was speaking at the book release of Vichitrasenana Vaikhari and Anarkaliya Saftypin on Sunday at Book Brahma Facebook Live.

Stating that writers are social scientists, Sarukai said, "However, academic scholars who write about the distinctions of society see what is common. However, the writings of authors such as Jayant Kaikini reaches society, he said.

Speaking about Methodology Criteria, he continued that academic writings come within the standard framework of methodology. They go out of their way to say the beauty of ordinary things extraordinarily, he noted.

Speaking on the topic, The language of metaphors, critic S Diwakara said Jayant Kaikini uses the language of metaphors in his writings. he uses a lot of metaphors but never repeated them. In his stories, the concept of "we" highlighted than 'I'.

He further talking about the topic, Stories like a concert, he said that the stories of Jayant Kaikini are reminiscent of a concert. Kaikini's stories attract readers to themselves and make them part of the story," he expressed.

Jayant Kaikini responded by saying that "The population of Kannadigas in Karnataka has reached 6 crores but only a thousand copies get printed in the first edition. He hoped that the trend of reading Kannada books increases.

Prabha Kambattalli of Prakash Kambattalli of Ankita Publication, Book Brahma editor Devu Pattara were also present.