Founder of 'Bijapur Mirror' passes away due to covid

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Founder of 'Bijapur Mirror' passes away due to covid

Founder of 'Bijapur Mirror' passes away due to covid

Firoz Rozindar   ¦    Apr 30, 2021 10:22:06 AM (IST)

Founder of \'Bijapur Mirror\' passes away due to covid-1

Vijayapura: Mohammed Jaffer Kaladgi, one of the young and passionate journalists of Vijayapura city became the victim of Covorna virus on April 22.

The 32-year-old, banker turned journalist, had immense zeal and dedication for journalism which compelled him to start a first bilingual (English/Urdu) newspaper ‘Bijapur Mirror’ in 2017 as a fortnightly edition.

Spending hours in preparing the newspaper alone, with support of his media friends, he was regularly bringing the newspaper every fortnight. Having not been satisfied with fortnightly, he decided to venture into mainstream newspapers by converting the paper into daily, about nine months ago.

Despite knowing the fact that running a daily newspaper is one of the most challenging jobs even for the bigger media houses, Mohammed Jaffer Kaladagi took this challenge head on.

Publishing the newspaper daily, he was doing a tremendous job and had quickly gained several subscribers and readers as the newspaper was offering almost every local news in English. Since It is bilingual paper, Urdu readers were attracted towards the paper instantly.

The newspaper is doing good and gradually making its mark in local news media for its unique style.

He had great plans to increase the newspaper’s circulation to ensure that the paper becomes talk of the town. For that he was making every effort within his capacity.

The journey of Mohammed Jaffer Kaladagi to realise his dream was cut short abruptly with his demise.

The other staff and partners associated with Bijapur Mirror have decided to continue the newspaper not only for their readers but mainly to realize the dream of Mohammed Jaffer Kaladagi who wanted to run a bilingual daily newspaper. In a news post, the team said, “we like to express our deep regret for not providing the copy of the newspaper to our readers for a few days. Hoping that you understand our situation, we also earnestly expect your cooperation like you offered in the past.”

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