What is your opinion about dopamine detox?

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What is your opinion about dopamine detox?

What is your opinion about dopamine detox?

Akshara Damle   ¦    Nov 21, 2020 07:43:42 PM (IST)

What is your opinion about dopamine detox?-1Honestly speaking, the term 'dopamine detox' was not something about which I was aware. But when this question came, I decided to explore the concept. That I when I realized that I had practised this a couple of times already, and had also witnessed the results of it on my mind, body, and soul first-hand.

This is a very interesting idea. Here, one has to detox oneself, specifically from activities that give a lot of pleasure or which give a lot of stimulation to the brain. In the present times, especially, it is primarily detoxing oneself from the smartphone, screentime, or listening to music or any other activity that you have been doing to give you pleasure or joy.

The basic idea here is to be with nature and stay in tune with the environment or the ecosystem. This enhances our sensitivity towards our surroundings.

Dopamine detox also helps in making you more comfortable to see joy and happiness in many other activities which we generally don't consider them to be. For example, cooking, gardening, cleaning, etc. are extremely engaging and also give a lot of happiness, peace of mind and also can be a great way of being with oneself. It can also help in reducing one's stress, anxiety, sadness, etc.

If you can go into a rural area where you don't get mobile network and you have don't have any videos or movies downloaded on your devices and you happen to be there for a couple of days where you need to engage with those activities, which are completely devoid of digital devices will actually make a person more nourished, rejuvenated and help in re-integrating with the one's self.

Though I didn't know that this is called 'dopamine detox' I have gone through it several times where I was totally out of mobile network and had not seen the phone for almost five-six days altogether and that had made me see a completely different self of mine. Therefore I would certainly suggest that everyone should try this method where you just get out of all the digital devices and stay in tune with your own body, mind, soul and space.