Thoughtfulness versus overthinking

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Thoughtfulness versus overthinking

Thoughtfulness versus overthinking

Akshara Damle   ¦    Mar 13, 2021 11:37:57 AM (IST)

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Thinking is a process that keeps happening in our mind, sometimes consciously or unconsciously! A lot of people keep complaining that they have a problem with overthinking! They get bothered with overthinking! However, some people are happy about their overthinking as well.
But in general, the number of people who worry about overthinking is more than being happy about it. Why is overthinking so bothering many people?

In the process of thinking, one may get into the loop of positive thinking or negative thinking! Sometimes, one may keep on shifting from one loop to another! However, it becomes tiresome for some people when they get stuck in the negative thinking loop. Negativity easily attracts our minds. But coming out of it is the challenge!

Overthinking can be explained as "thinking on something for too long". But one more additional thing that we need to see here is, it is not just thinking about an only particular thing, but a series of things either connected or not connected! Apart from that, it will involve more of a chain of thoughts with too many questions or worries! Most of the time there are no conclusions!

Thoughtfulness is something different even though that also involves thinking about a specific thing. This will be more reflections! The person will be engaged in series of thoughts. But the underlying objective of thoughts would be to find out certain answers! That means, being thoughtful is more of a conscious decision whereas overthinking is generally unconsciously someone is falling into it without realizing it for a longer period of time.

Therefore, both thoughtfulness and overthinking are two different things.

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