Making fitness habit a reality

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Making fitness habit a reality

Making fitness habit a reality

SC PV Kamat   ¦    Apr 28, 2021 10:52:57 AM (IST)

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As the entire world is fighting the battle against the Coronavirus pandemic, office work continues unabated. Previously, it was a 9-5 shift, but now, homes have become offices themselves. Constant phone calls, meetings, deadlines to meet, and feeling trapped in one's home can all have a negative impact on one's health.

Also, during the normal times there used to be a thin line between your professional and personal lives, which was determined by set working hours and returning home, but now that we work from home, we are usually working all the time. Apart from this, a woman is expected to involve herself in the household chores. Many of us are unwantedly on the way to becoming couch potatoes and rarely get 'me' time.

The pandemic changed people's lives in unprecedented ways, emphasising the importance of taking care of our health as a necessity rather than a choice. To stay fit and safe, we need to develop new fitness routines. When we make fitness a routine, we will naturally eat healthily, sleep better, and choose behaviours that will help us achieve our fitness goals. Of course, only once we have developed fitness habits.

Fitness entrepreneur and Gympik founder Amaresh Ojha in his debut book, 'Fitness Habits -- Breaking The Barriers To Fitness' shares the ways of embracing fitness for better life says "start easy, find the simplest workout you can do in a day, and follow the 8 secrets of making fitness a habit as I have mentioned in the book. They are -- Awareness, Find Your Why, Go Slow But Go Forward, Add some Fun, Declutter your Cue, Prep Your Environment, and Evaluate your Progress."

"Since forming a fitness habit is a long-term task, you'll need a constant boost to keep you motivated before you succeed." He said that the only way to make fitness an important part of your everyday life is to take small steps regularly.

For making the Fitness habit a reality, a strategic planning mentality is an essential prerequisite. This focuses on achieving smaller goals, can be a huge motivator and help us stick to our workout routine. Ojha suggests repetition of the routine — for example, even if it's only a 10-minute stroll or a 5-minute jog, do it for the shortest amount of time possible and do it every day. Focus on achieving smaller goals to lay the foundation for achieving your larger fitness goals, which gives you more trust in your success and serves as a motivational benefit, he observes.

Apart from exercise, we often neglect the two key factors - eat and sleep.  According to me,  If you don't do these two things, your body will stop cooperating with you when you have a lot of work to do. Always keep in mind that work is important, but your health comes first. Eat your meals away from your workstation and pay attention to what you're consuming. Set a timer for sleeping and put all electronic gadgets away an hour before that time. 

Finally, all I want to say is "amazing ladies out there, prioritise your mental and physical health by making sound choices. After all, a woman wants just two things: good health and good vibes!

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